Letter to Minister Reilly from a young person.

Below is the email I’ve sent to Minister Reilly. I’m not so good with the words but I wanted to make sure the opinion of a young person was represented. Please urge him to continue supporting the excellent work of SpunOut by emailing him at: minister’[email protected]

Minister Reilly,

As a young person I find the work that SpunOut does invaluable. SpunOut provide people like myself with impartial, well rounded and relevant information on topics that young people face daily, such as mental health, sexual health, relationships, drugs and alcohol, etc.

While areas of these topics may be unsavoury for some to imagine taking place, never mind discussing them openly, the fact that they do occur and are a part of teenage life means that a dialogue must take place with young people about them.

SpunOut conducts that dialogue and does so very effectively, firstly by identifying issues facing young people and then providing impartial informative advice. This lets a young person make a fully informed decision on their personal issue.

I’m sure that Deputy Mulherin would rather young people not partake in sex involving more than one person at one time but they do, they have and they will continue to do so whether SpunOut helps some of them do so more safely or not.

Minister, I urge you as a young person to continue HSE support of the good work that SpunOut does.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Rice.

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